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Meera Ramanathan is a San Diego-based paper collage artist and an award-winning Project Resource teacher for visual art at San Diego Unified School District. She was born in India and moved to San Diego in 2004. She has a Master's degree in the history of fine arts, drawing, and painting.


The formative years she spent studying textile design in Chennai, India has deeply impacted the artworks she makes and the lesson she teaches her students. She obtained a single-subject teaching credential in visual art at San Diego State University in 2018. 

Meera creates paper collages that have been featured in several exhibitions in San Diego. She enjoys the process of thinking and creating artwork with a focus on color and the effect of light. Collaging keeps her grounded and she finds the process of using torn paper therapeutic.


When she’s not teaching her elementary students in the classroom, Meera can be found surrounded by magazines, glue, and yarn creating paper collages at her kitchen table.

After having worked as a preschool teacher for 9 years, Meera’s love for children's artwork inspired her to start Art Bound - a small business where she makes books out of children's artwork using their original works.

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